The Black Agencies Network Association (BANA), is a non-profit organisation and newly formed forum comprising 100% black-owned agencies across South Africa, with a vision to champion transformation and inclusivity within the Advertising, Marketing, Digital & Communications industry.


Our vision is to establish an enabling and sustainable business environment for black communication professionals, by serving as the new driver and thought leader in accelerating the transformation of our industry through the facilitation of increased black-owned agency participation.


BANA aims to transform the communication and advertising industry by increasing the slice of business for 100% black-owned and majority black-run agencies. Total advertising spend in South Africa is ±R58bn (total includes traditional as well as digital advertising) and black agencies account for less than 2% of that spend. Over the years, there has been little progress and black agencies remain largely excluded. Given that we’ve also had over 25 years of democracy, we believe the time for meaningful change has come.

We have had to overcome exceptional historical challenges, to establish ourselves within the Marcomms space, going where few have gone before, and doing what few have done before. Over the past few months, we’ve engaged and partnered with various agencies, stakeholders and associations to establish a network of South African black-owned agencies. With combined experience of over 100 years, these organisations manage hundreds of millions of Rands in communications spend annually, and influence over 50 million South Africans daily on various issues, including social cohesion.


We’re invested in finding strategic ways to accelerate real transformation, inclusivity, increase trade, mentorship and job creation. Through advocating for various policy changes to enable black enterprise development, BANA will become the voice of the unheard and the face of the unseen in Advertising.


It will be our greatest privilege to use the platform to honour and commemorate the giants on whose shoulders we now stand, our industry forerunners who drove the transformation agenda before 1994.


These pioneers include, amongst others, Horace Mpanza, Madala Mphahlele, Nimrod Mkele, Beatrice Qubeka, Dennis Mashabela, Peter Vundla, Letepe Maisela, Jannie Ngwale, Happy Ntshingila, Dimape Serenyane, Nkwenkwe Nkomo, Beatrice Kubheka, Reuel Khoza and Gary Morolo.


On the other hand, we pledge to become the driving force behind discovering, growing, and enabling the thriving of black young creative talent. We want to give the reason for black young creatives to choose to enter, make it and stay in the industry because it is commercially viable for them. 


The primary intent of BANA is to secure a seat at the table and to attain a larger piece of the pie for its members. There are five groups of objectives that drive BANA’s mission which also encompass values that guide black agencies – transformation, compliance, consumer focus, collaboration, and building capacity. To apply for a membership, please contact us on 011 234 2588.


BANA showcases a competent and coherent network of Black-owned and Black-run agencies to potential clients
We will lobby advertisers to include BANA members in pitches
We will advocate for relevant government policy changes
We will provide skills development and mentorship
We will share learnings
We will support with litigation where necessary
We will facilitate members’ industry grievances with relevant authorities
We assist with collaboration among members


All black-owned/black-run agencies and professionals.


There’s an annual membership fee of R5 000, and all members are required to adhere to the BANA code of conduct and guiding principles which can be found on our website.


Transformation is key but it requires resources, and it’s within everyone’s interest to live in an equal society. As an NPO, we rely on donations to fund our operation including litigation costs.


There are various levels of partnership. You can make a once-off contribution. There is also the option to become a monthly, quarterly or annual partner.


BANA is a not a commercial entity, we are therefore not out to make a profit. That’s why any contribution of any size will be appreciated. We respect the privacy of all our partners, your identity will remain anonymous, should you so wish.

To contribute, please contact us on 011 234 2588.


Alternatively, you can make your donation directly to this bank account


Account Name: Mohube Media (PTY) LTD
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62850576988
Branch Code: 250342
Account Type: Business Cheque Account
REFERENCE: BANA, Payee Name & Date



We would love to hear from you. Please contact us with any queries or recommendations or to discuss how we can partner together.


One could ask what necessitates a black agencies association when the Minister in the Presidency, Mondli Gungubele launched the MAC Charter Sector Council on 25 March 2022, that is tasked with monitoring transformation of the industry and enforcing the Marketing, Advertising and Communication Sector Code (MAC Charter).


We are not a parallel or a conflicting association to the existing ones, but a complementary one and we are willing to partner with other relevant associations and stakeholders to work together towards our goal of an inclusive industry. Mutual cooperation is critical to expedite transformation. This reconciles with why an association will attain greater results than black agencies working in silos. Real time transformation is effected by promoting, protecting and publicising the interests of black media agencies, both in the industry and in public awareness. A collaboration of associations or organisations that have the same or similar objects in the interests of black agencies, is thus crucial.


The growth and sustainability of the entire industry and black-owned agencies in particular, relies on a steady absorption of start-up companies.


The goal should be to uplift the industry through skills development, enhancement of knowledge levels and professionalism.


Through active assistance and mentorship of new companies, an association can play a pivotal role in this process.


We are not a parallel or a conflicting association to the existing ones, but a complementary one and we are willing to partner with other relevant associations (ACA, Loeries, etc.) and stakeholders (advertising schools) to work together towards our goal of an inclusive industry.